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Kids are expensive

June 9th, 2019 at 04:29 am

Or I guess, it depends upon whether you are indulgent. And, I am. But, in my humble opinion, not as much as others.

Yes, I spoil my kids in many ways. They play (expensive) sports and the teenaged girl gets Lululemon yoga pants and jeans from Hollister. Purchases are made in moderation and she doesn’t have an unique outfit for every day of the month. So, there are some extravagant purchases but her closet isn’t overflowing.

Admittedly, some of those purchases are for my benefit. I was a chubby teenager and my clothes came from Lane Bryant or JcPenney. I love that she isn’t in the same situation and she has a great figure and can wear yoga pants without unsightly bulges. So, maybe I am playing “dress up Barbie doll.” Purchases are made in moderation and the credit card gets paid off monthly. And, fortunately, my son hasn’t hit the “labels are important” stage of teenage-hood yet. He wears sport shorts from Target. 😊

My husband tells me that I put myself last on the list when it comes to the family’s wants and needs. He has his hobby – plays ice hockey in two recreational leagues. My hobbies are reading (borrow books from the library), knitting baby blankets (yarn bought with coupons from Michael’s), and watching reality tv, Netflix and Amazon. So, I spend little on me when compared to the rest of the family. And, most days, I’m ok with that. Yet, I am human and sometimes want some extravagance in my life.

My husband and I reached the 15 year mark in our marriage. We went out to dinner but didn’t do much else to celebrate. We have a family vacation planned for the summer and that was enough money flowing out at the time of our anniversary. But it’s several months later and I want something more. I have ordered an anniversary band with tiny emeralds and diamonds. Total cost will be less than $800, the equivalent of 6 or 7 Lululemon pants.

Do I feel guilty? A little. Not much. I’m worth it…

I hope you all spoil yourselves every now and then.